SONATA NFV platform is a flexible and integrated platform that allows the creation of a versatile and modular ecosystem that serves to service developers and testers, telecom operators or vertical industries, managing the full lifecycle of network services. SONATA NFV platform encompasses everything from development to network services testing and then their deployment and orchestration in a 5G infrastructure.



The SDK is set of programming models, processes and tools oriented to assist software developers in the development and test of Virtual Network Functions (VNF) and Network Services (NS).


The SONATA Service Platform is a modular and highly customizable solution able to manage the full lifecycle of Network Functions (VNF, CNF, PNF, and HNF), Network Services and Network Slices. It provides a MANO (Management and Orchestration) framework able to orchestrate the network resources in an efficient way.


The V&V Platform performs automatic verification and validation of services and manages the test results to form a continuous improvement feedback loop. It allows the qualification of services across multiple different orchestration platforms, testing both the functional and non-functional aspects of their deployments. This process is fully automated to ensure that can take place with little or no human intervention.

For developers

Facilitating network service development and local testing of network services.

For service certification Companies

Services can be tested using the V&V platform.

For service operators

Services can be deployed and run in sonata's service platform.

SONATA integrated platform has been adopted in real environments, demonstrating with great success the benefits of 5G networks for the industry. Request a demo and let us show you how SONATA integrated platform and the innovative network services developed can disrupt your business and accelerate your path to 5G technologies.

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Immersive media
Nurogames is adopting SONATA integrated platform to improve its currently available live streaming products making them ready for the next generation of networks.

Immersive media

SONATA has been adopted by Quobis to enhace its real-time communication system and provide advanced collaborative features such as multi-conference, screen sharing and whiteboard to its clients.

Real Time Communications

Smart Manufacturing
SONATA NFV platform and smart manufacturing-specific Network Services are being tested at Weidmüller’s factory in Detmold (Germany). 

Smart manufacturing