SONATA has selected four pilots for its validation and evaluation. We provide a quick overview of each one below. For a closer look, see our deliverable:

D6.3. Final demonstration, roadmap and validation results


A vCDN end-to-end service deployment and operation with optimized placement and autonomous reconfiguration based on network and service related triggering.

vCDN Pilot Innovations:

vCDN innovations are mainly referring to the service deployment optimisation and service resource management during runtime.

Moreover the introduction of a transcoding unit allows additional optimisations to occur during runtime, depending on the status of the service, the number of sessions, location based event triggering etc.

Summarising, the innovations from this pilot are: 

  • Optimised placement, taking into account the functionality of each VNF and the context of each end-point (i.e. Access, Application Servers, etc.): This is achieved thanks to the FSM/SSM plugin structure at the SP level that enable the introduction of alternative placement algorithms
  • Dynamic adaptation of service: This is achieved in the case that the service orchestration and management detect requests for transcoding also considering service policies.
  • DevOps driven operation: The monitoring feedback allows the developer to provide the appropriate fixes in order to optimize the service. Access to alerts and raw monitoring data are available to the developer.

A PSA service deployment and operation with user driven service function chain reconfiguration for provision of personalized security and privacy levels.

PSA Pilot Innovations:

  • Dynamic reconfiguration of the active service chain: VNFs which are participating in a service chain can be changed at run-time, depending on the service chain selection. Service chain switch-over times are reduced and down-times are minimized. Changes on the end-user side are not needed. The reconfiguration is therefore transparent to the end-user.
  • Automation of that reconfiguration: The trigger for reconfiguration originates with the end-user; reconfiguration then happens fully automatically, under the control of the SSM/FSM system. The time to service is thereby reduced drastically.
  • User triggered service chain reconfiguration: A limited (and very precisely confined) amount of control is transferred to the end-user, via the use of the self-service portal and the MANO extensibility scheme (SSM/FSM).
  • The provisioning of user-specific service chains: The chain can be selected for each individual user and every user can choose the chain that satisfies its needs the most. Individual users can reconfigure the chain to their taste without affecting other users which might have selected a different service chain.

A recursive based orchestration of SONATA Service Platforms in a multi-domain single operator environment for the delivery of end-to-end vCDN network service.

HSP Pilot Innovations:

HSP Pilot is an initial implementation that explores how to orchestrate orchestrators and how to interwork MANO platform i.e., MANO recursivity.

  • Recursivity: A very powerful approach that allows independence of implementations and of commercial decisions, providing there is a common API (i.e. Sonata API).
  • Seamless deployment split of a network service over two service platforms: SONATA SP provides that based on the resource cognition to optimize the performance of the network service.

Service deployment over a multi-operator, multi-MANO environment supporting slice management features, introducing alternative VIM and WIM.

Multi-Orchestrator and Slicing Pilot Innovations:

  • Showcase the deployment of network service over multi-orchestrator domains (i.e. SONATA SP and 5GEX).
  • Use of common inter-MANO interface: exploiting the SONATA SP rich and flexible API provided by its Gatekeeper and the configurable and extensible southbound interface provided by the Infrastructure Abstraction, and the relevant Service Model.
  • Showcase new VIM and WIM wrappers for VLSP VIM, demonstrating how SONATA can be adapted to an implementation of an NFV Infrastructure with Slicing capabilities.
  • Slicing Manager over multidomain infrastructure comprised of Computing and network resources.
  • 5GEX-to-SONATA demonstration is the 1st demonstrated interaction between two MANO/Service platforms, and also inter-working of two 5G-PPP projects.