The SONATA SDK environment: A sandbox for NFV-based services

sandbox for NFV-based services

Ongoing evolutions in the Network Function Virtualization (NFV) area show that software will play an increasingly important role within telecommunication services. Telco providers benefit from this, as it enables a faster introduction of new telecom services, combined with an agile set of features to optimize and fine-tune their performance. However, the provided NFV-based telecom service can only be well supported if adequate software tools are available. Therefore, the development, deployment and maintenance of such services puts specific requirements on the platform providing it.

SONATA Network Service Editor

SONATA’s descriptors contain all the information required for deploying and instantiating network services and their VNFs, and setting up the network among them. When writing a descriptor according to the SONATA schema definition, it can be difficult to keep track of all the required fields. Using a graphical editor can simplify some of the repetitive and error-prone tasks, for example, adding references to a pre-defined VNF within a service.

End-to-end Service Management

The end-to-end Service Management is one of the network operators, as well as the wider industry, most important key NFV features. Business decisions are oriented to create different services for different customers, enabling a rich suite of personalized offers. The key value resides in that customers may be able to compose their own proprietary services selecting basic network service components in order to create the services that better fit with their specific needs.

DevOps: bridge the Developers-Operations gap now!

Service Provider companies, and particularly Telecom Operators (Telecoms), struggle daily to deliver innovative and appealing services to their customers to keep or increase margin, conquer more customers, reduce churn, etc. Telecoms, in particular, with their legacy systems distributed and many subject to the merges and acquisitions that have characterised the sector for some years, are in many areas playing catch-up with the so called Over-The-Top (OTT) Service Providers.

SONATA at EuCNC 2016

SONATA project will be present at the 5G PPP booth at the EuCNC 2016.

The event will take place in Athens (Greece) in June, from the 27th to the 30th.

Some of our team members will be there. They will be delighted to provide you with all the information regarding the project that may interest you.

Come and pay us a visit if you are around!

SONATA 2016 second integration and testing meeting is taking place now in London

This week, from June 15 to 17, partner UCL is hosting the SONATA developer teams for a second integration and testing meeting in London.

The first prototype of the SONATA service platform and SDK is about to be released to the public.

Our developer teams are working against the clock on the integration and testing of those components that will constitute the first version of the SONATA project results.

We look forward to reporting back soon with the outcomes of this 3-day intensive session of work.

Refining SONATA's architecture through focused, small teams at its Athens plenary meeting

SONATA partners gathered in Athens at the National Center of Scientific Research "Demokritos" for its second plenary meeting in late November 2015. With the requirements deliverable completed earlier in the fall, the meeting proved important to sync visions and complete the initial architecture for the SONATA service platform and SDK.


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