SONATA will participate in the next International Symposium on Advances in Software Defined Networking and Network Functions Virtualization, SOFTNETWORKING 2017, that will take place in Venice (Italy) on April 23-27th.
The Symposium is dedicated to the advances and challenges in SDN&NFV technologies and their applications. Some of the SDN&NFV-related topics will be:

  • Software Defined Networking (SDN): concepts, challenges and architectures
  • Control and Management in SDN; Network Operating Systems (NOS, ONOS) and virtualization in SDNs
  • Network Function Virtualization concepts, challenges and architectures (NFV, OPNFV)
  • SDN and NFV cooperation
  • SDN and NFV standardization
  • OpenDaylight (goals, platforms, interfaces and applications), OpenStack and SDN
  • SDN Controllers design and implementation
  • SDN Forwarding Elements design and implementation
  • OpenFlow and Southbound Protocols
  • Application programming interfaces for SDN
  • Forwarding plane abstractions, programmability, languages
  • Verification techniques and tools for SDN and NFV
  • Performance evaluation, optimization and isolation of the Data and Control Planes
  • SDN applications and use cases
  • NFV applications and use cases
  • Reliability, resiliency and fault management in SDN and NFV
  • Security and privacy and in SDN and NFV
  • Data and Control Plane scalability, inter-operability
  • Autonomic (self) management technologies in SDN and NFV
  • SDN/NFV architecture versus Content delivery and oriented networks, Information Centric Networking
  • Operators and Service Providers business and deployment perspective on SDN and NFV
  • Planning and Deployment of SDN/NFV technologies and applications in operational networks

SONATA participation will be structured in three blocks:

  • Introduction to SONATA
  • SOMA: NFV Service Development and Operations for the SONATA MANO Platform
  • DEMO: SONATA NFV SDK and MANO Service Platform hands-on

For more information, please visit the link below.