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Blog post on the Network Service Editor available!

This month our blog post is dedicated to the SONATA Network Service Editor, a powerful tool that can allow a non-expert service owner to create a virtual link between two components by simple actions like dragging and dropping a component or drawing a line between two nodes. By visualizing the descriptor as a graph of VNFs, network services, connection points and virtual links, the user gets a better understanding of the relationships between nodes just by a quick look at the graph layout, instead of reading a long descriptor.

SONATA at the Cloud Expo Europe

Cloud Expo Europe Logo

Diego R. López, Telefónica I+D's Head of Technology Exploration & Standards (GCTO Unit), outlines his forthcoming talk at Cloud Expo Europe London to John Bensalhia...

Agile (and secure) network service prototyping and DevOps will be on the menu for the talk given by Diego R. López, Telefónica I+D's Head of Technology Exploration & Standards (GCTO Unit).

Don´t miss SONATA February Blog Post!

Don´t miss SONATA February blog post!

This month, we discuss about one of the most important key NFV features for network operators as well as the wider industry, end-to-end Service Management.

Business decisions are oriented to create different services for different customers, enabling a rich suite of personalized offers. The key value resides in that customers may be able to compose their own proprietary services selecting basic network service components in order to create the services that better fit with their specific needs.

SONATA at the OSM meeting in Bilbao this week

OSM MidRelease#2 technical meeting has took place this week in Bilbao, Spain.

SONATA project was invited to make a presentation at this meeting in the morning on the 23rd. SONATA was represented there by Josep Martrat (ATOS), project coordinator of SONATA, Michael Bredel (NEC), Technical Coordinator, and Diego Lopez (Telefonica), Chair of ETSI NFV ISG, Co-chair of IRTF's NFVRG and also a member of SONATA consortium.

Both open source communities discussed about items of common interest and potential points of collaboration were explored.

SONATA 2.0 release already available!

We are happy to announce the release of SONATA 2.0, the third official software release delivered since the project started in July 2015.

SONATA’s outcomes are published in a public GitHub repository under Apache v2.0 license, a permissive license that guarantees full rights for adoption, modification and distribution.

SONATA 2.0 Release main improvements:

Interesting presentation on DevOps from José Bonnet at Braga University

Don´t miss the presentation on DevOps, DevOps: A journey not at event, that our colleague from Altice Labs, José Bonnet, gave at a students seminar in Universidade do Minho, Braga (Portugal), last week.

It is already available in the website section "Project Presentations", within the "PROJECT OUTCOMES" label.

New section for project presentations now available!

We inaugurate a new section in SONATA´s webpage: Project Presentations.

In this section, that it is included within the label "PROJECT OUTCOMES", you will find the most interesting presentations given by the project.

The goal of this new section is to make the project research, learnings and results available to the wider audience possible and to spread SONATA´s message creating the maximum impact.

We hope all this material is of you interest!

New deliverable already available!

SONATA has just released a new deliverable "D5.3 Integrated and qualified public release of SONATA platform".

This Deliverable documents the progress made in the WP5 and focuses on defining processes and methodologies for an agile integration process of the output of the work done in WP3 and WP4. The presented results are relevant to the second open source release of the SONATA environment.