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Don´t miss our latest blog post: Securely Publishing NFV-based Network Services

The softwarization and virtualization of networks and network functions have elevated the complexity of securing networks by another notch. If you want to know more about how NFV-based Network Services can be securely published, you can not miss our latest blog post!

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New blog post!

If you want to know more about containers, a virtualisation technology that is rapidly gaining ground and is expected to have a great impact in the future deployments of cloud technologies and Network Function Virtualisation (NFV), you can´t miss our latest blog post: “A pursuit for a virtualised infrastructure management based on containers”.

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Cross-Project Workshop in Berlin today

Representatives of three projects, SONATA, VirtuWind and 5G-Ex, get together today in Berlin for a technical workshop.

This is not the first time that SONATA members participate in a cross-project workshop. The last one was on "5G-PPP Cross-project Workshop on Use cases / models / performance evaluation, Air interface design, Overall 5G RAN design and Overall 5G architecture" last February in Athens.

This time the participation is more limited as the idea is to share best practices and understand how we can benefit from each others´ work and research effort.

Don´t miss our latest blog post!

Blog word in a figure

We close March with a new blog post. In this second blog post of this month, we talk about the Service Development Kit (SDK), one of the main SONATA´s building blocks.

SONATA's Network SDK provides an invaluable set of tools for assisting developers in the development and testing of complex NFV services consisting of multiple VNFs. We can consider the SDK environment as a sandbox to develop and try-out NFV-based network services.