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TechDays 2017, Aveiro (Portugal), October 12-14

In the past days of 12th to 14th of October, Aveiro (Portugal) hosted the 3rd TechDays event (TechDays 2017), one of the major Portuguese events in the area of ICT & Electronics, organized by the Mayor’s office, the local University and the Institute of Telecommunications. The technology show was inaugurated by EU Commissioner for Research, Science and Innovation, Mr. Carlos Moedas.

SONATA 3.0 Press Release

SONATA announces the launch of an upgraded release of its integrated platform, SONATA 3.0, which includes all the software components developed, integrated, tested and qualified within the time frame of the project.

New SONATA blog post available!

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This month our blog post is dedicated to one of the pilots SONATA project is working on, the Hierarchical Service Platforms or Service Platform to Service Platform.

In this scenario, we consider a company that has segmented its NFVi in order to meet the demands of separate departments/business units. Therefore, the company has deployed a hierarchy of service platforms that collaborate in order to deploy NFV-based end-to-end services across the network. The two Service Platforms co-operate for rapid and dynamic service provisioning in an NFV environment.

SONATA 3.0 is out!

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We are proud to announce the delivery of SONATA 3.0, a major release that includes all the software components developed during the life-time of the project.

This release brings new great functionality and SONATA becomes more attractive with product-like code that can be easily adopted and used by other organisations and projects.

New SONATA blog post!

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In this blog post we talk about about the SONATA Self-service.

The demand for virtualized versions of the network functions has increased and that the support for automating the deployment of these services on virtualized or even containerized infrastructure is needed in order to meet this demand.

SONATA facilitates the management and orchestration of the deployed services and functions through the use of plugins called Service Specific Managers (SSMs) and Function Specific Managers (FSMs).

Would you like to know more about "Network service adaptation"? Read our latest blog post!

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The SDN revolution is shaking up the network infrastructure, but the complexity of the network services is growing up alongside though.

The new required characteristics of network services open new challenges and highlight the necessity of autonomous service adaptation. This adaptation must happen, not only at the application level (as in the IaaS context), but also at the network and network function levels. In the 5G vision, the service must continuously and automatically recomposed itself, as it needs to match the current or incoming context.