virtual Content Delivery Networks (vCDN)

A vCDN end-to-end service deployment and operation with optimized placement and autonomous reconfiguration based on network and service related triggering.

vCDN Pilot Innovations:

vCDN innovations are mainly referring to the service deployment optimisation and service resource management during runtime.

Moreover the introduction of a transcoding unit allows additional optimisations to occur during runtime, depending on the status of the service, the number of sessions, location based event triggering etc.

Summarising, the innovations from this pilot are: 

  • Optimised placement, taking into account the functionality of each VNF and the context of each end-point (i.e. Access, Application Servers, etc.): This is achieved thanks to the FSM/SSM plugin structure at the SP level that enable the introduction of alternative placement algorithms
  • Dynamic adaptation of service: This is achieved in the case that the service orchestration and management detect requests for transcoding also considering service policies.
  • DevOps driven operation: The monitoring feedback allows the developer to provide the appropriate fixes in order to optimize the service. Access to alerts and raw monitoring data are available to the developer.