Virtual CDN (vCDN)

The Virtual Content Delivery Network (vCDN) use case seeks SONATA’s capabilities to enhance a virtual CDN service with elasticity and programmability.

CDN providers seek to exploit virtualization capabilities and leverage NFV platforms to deploy caches as VNFs (vCaches) instead of hardware appliances. The deployment of the content delivery chain based on virtual rather than physical appliances, not only achieves shifting CapEx to OpEx, but also allows the dynamic configuration and easy upgrade of the virtualized appliances. However, performance predictability, flexibility and resource efficiency are recognized as challenges.

SONATA aims to advance beyond static CDN virtualization, by adding dynamicity and (re)programmability. SONATA sees a scenario where customers wishing to play the role of a vCDN operator can use the system to dimension the service with regard to resource use (IT and network) and deployment of vCaches as VNFs. Using the feedback from the service metrics, the vCDN service can be automatically re-configured according to policies set by the customer (vCDN operator).