SONATA at the Softnetworking 2017 next week!

SONATA will be at the SOFTNETWORKING 2017, the international symposium on advances in Software Defined Networking and Network Functions Virtualization, that will take place in Venice (Italy) from the 23th to the 27th of April.

SONATA participation will take place on Monday, the 24th of April, and consist of two parts:

  1. A special track, SOMA: NFV Service Development and Operations for the SONATA MANO Platform, that will deep-dive into the challenges and solutions related to service development of virtualized network functions and its Management and Orchestration (MANO) from the perspective of the SONATA project. The special track will introduce the SONATA project, its goals, DevOps methodology, and main innovations in the context of recent NFV research and produced open-source software. The track will be organized into two sub-topics:
    1. NFV service development that will focus on the programming model and used technologies, as well as on the individual tools composing an NFV SDK, including packaging, emulation, monitoring and debugging functionality.
    2. Operations in the MANO service platform that will deep-dive into the decomposition, implementation and actual operations in the MANO platform, addressing topics such as OSS/BSS user interaction, Service Lifecycle Management, Monitoring and the scaling through specific service management functionality.
  2. A demo, SONATA NFV SDK and MANO Service Platform hands-on: The SONATA H2020 project distinguishes itself from other NFV MANO software initiatives by being one of the first environments providing a Software Development Tools (SDK) to actually help NFV developers in designing, creating, locally deploying, debugging and analysing services, as well as providing a highly modular, micro-service based MANO platform which itself is developed following a DevOps approach. In this hands-on session, we will introduce the audience to the SONATA software suite consisting of development tools (SDK components) and the MANO Service Platform. The audience will learn how to install this software, develop a NFV service based on existing service components on the web and in catalogues, package the service and deploy it on a local machine. Next, monitoring, debugging and profiling will enable to iterate the developed service into a new version on the MANO Service Platform, following a DevOps model. Afterwards, attendees should be able to develop their own custom services, to deploy the MANO platform on their own hardware in combination with Virtual Infrastructure Management software such as OpenStack, as well as have initial clues on how to contribute to the open source software. The content of the demo/tutorial is:
  • Installation of SONATA SDK and MANO Service Platform
  • Setup of development workspace and project space
  • Fetching service components of catalogues as well as the Internet
  • Packaging a service
  • Conversion of service components from/to other MANO platforms
  • Deploying a service on the emulator
  • Monitoring and debugging a service on the emulator as well as on the Service Platform
  • Fine-tuning scaling behavior of a service
  • Creating a feature/issue request on the SONATA code repositories

You canĀ“t miss it if you are around. See you there!