SONATA 3.0 is out!

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We are proud to announce the delivery of SONATA 3.0, a major release that includes all the software components developed during the life-time of the project.

This release brings new great functionality and SONATA becomes more attractive with product-like code that can be easily adopted and used by other organisations and projects.

SONATA development pipeline also includes a final stage of validation and qualification meant to assess the reliability of the code and to ensure its stability.

We worked hard to lower the usage entry-barrier by designing an easy and automated installation process and creating compelling and complete documentation , including recording tutorial videos.

SONATA’s outcomes are published in a public GitHub repository under Apache v2.0 license, freely available for download and ready to be installed.

What are you waiting for to start using SONATA? We have created a newsletter with all the information you need to install and use the code. Check the link below!

Our team will be also happy to assist you if you need any help. Just contact us at!