SONATA is developed and released around 6-month cycles. After the initial release, additional stable point releases were created in each release series. You can find the detail of the various release series here:

Release v3.1

Release v3.1 of the SONATA platform is mainly a bug fixing update. Still, a number of enhancements made it into this version. Among them are the following:

  • Enhancement of email notification mechanism in monitoring system
  • Additional information exposure by infrastructure adapter
  • Increased flexibility of the SSM/FSM mechanisms
  • Example of placement SSM
  • Security enhancements
  • Upgrade of underlying libraries to eliminate security vulnerabilities

More details on the enhancements in this release can be found in the release notes of the individual SONATA components.

Release v3.0

This is version 3.0 of the SONATA platform, the fifth release of the code. The main enhancements since the last release are:

  • improved customizability/programmability of the MANO framework
  • support for VNF chaining
  • novel validation tool for network services
  • OpenStack-like VIM interface emulation for MANO integration
  • added location-awareness for placement decisions
  • improvements for multi-PoP environments
  • improved user, role and group management
  • improved access control
  • support for licence management
  • improved installation process
  • many additional features, bug fixes, performance improvements

Detailed release notes:

  • Service Platform
    • improved customizability/programmability of the MANO framework
    • improved user, role and group management
    • improved access control
    • added package validation and signature verification
    • added package, service and function ownership (to connect with licence management)
    • added location-awareness for placement decisions in service instantiation
    • added KPIs to most operations
    • added synchronous (through a Web Socket) and asynchronous (through JSON) monitoring data requests
    • added service instance termination
    • added rate limit control to all operations
    • support for service licence management
  • Service Development Kit
    • Integrated authentication support in son-access (part of son-cli). This allows to authenticate users before they connect to the/a service platform.
    • Support for package signatures in son-package (part of son-cli). This enables a/the service platform to validate that service/function packages are actually originating from trusted developers.
    • Graphical User Interface (son-editor) for the creation of network services and associated service and network function descriptors.
    • Improved integration with GitHub. This enables easy reuse of existing service and function descriptors directly from GitHub repositories.
    • Inclusion of advanced service validation functionality including graphical debugging tool (son-validate).
    • The emulator (son-emu) now supports OpenStack-like API endpoints to allow carrier-grade MANO stacks (SONATA, OSM) to control the emulated VIMs.
    • The emulator (son-emu) has added a prototype implementation of OpenStack Neutron's SFC chaining API to the emulator.
    • The emulator (son-emu) is now compatible with 802.1Q Standard 5.3.1 in using the fixed VLAN-tag range for internal chaining system.
    • The emulator (son-emu) now supports experimenting with different placement topologies as well as evaluating different scaling options.
    • The profiling tool now supports two profiling modes: i) active mode in order to generate a range of service and resource configurations which can be deployed and for which metrics can be collected, and ii) passive mode which enables to gather metrics directly in the emulator.
    • The monitoring component (son-monitor) enables to receive streamed monitoring data from the SONATA service platform through Websockets.
    • The monitoring component (son-monitor) supports host overload detection functionality from VNFs.
    • The monitoring component (son-monitor) supports external service access points for traffic generation and reception.
    • Reusable Service and Function Specific Management templates have been added for monitoring, scaling and placement. These can be easily adapted by developers in order to implement custom logic.

Release v2.1

The SONATA project published a minor release of the SONATA software on 2017-05-22. This release mainly contains bug-fixes mostly related to the installation scripts of the Service Platform.

  • Service Platform
    • son-install: A simple Service Platform installer based on Ansible.
    • son-sp-infrabstract: Descriptors alignment with latest version.
    • son-sp-infrabstract: Extended and refactored VIM configuration API.
    • son-gui: Integration with SONATA's User Management component.
    • son-gui: New functionality for adding a new VIM/WIM.
    • son-monitor: Addition of new APIs (Distributed Monitoring System).
    • son-monitor: Extension of the remote reconfiguration mechanism.
    • son-gkeeper: Support for user registration (sign-up), user login (sign-in), user logout and User Management public key fetching.
    • son-gkeeper: Registration of first KPIs: package on-boarding and user registration counters.
    • son-gkeeper: Keycloak backend server integration.
    • son-gkeeper: Improvements in the VIM management code and features.
    • son-mano-framework: Threading optimization for the message broker abstraction.
    • son-mano-framework: Fix race conditions in the registration process.
    • son-mano-framework: Workflows and APIs for updating and terminating SSMs and FSMs.
    • son-catalogue-repos: Added username ownership to catalogue files and descriptors.
    • son-catalogue-repos: Improved some of catalogue API responses.
  • Service Development Kit
    • son-access: New package signing feature that allows users to sign a package before submitting it to the Service Platform.
    • son-access: New feature to generate Users' private and public key when it is not provided by the User.
    • son-profile: Son-profile now works with the latest descriptor schemas.
    • son-monitor: Now using latest Docker API version .
    • son-emu: Emulator's dashboard is now automatically served by the REST API server.
    • son-emu: Extended dashboard shows with placement graph, IP and MAC of each VNF interface and allows to start an xterm terminal window by double-clicking on the VNF node in the graph.
    • son-emu:REST API updates: export the placement graph in json format (3djs compatible), start a terminal window for a deployed VNF.
    • son-editor: A new web-based GUI to create function and service descriptors.

Release v2.0

The second stable release of the SONATA software has been released on 2017-02-14. Aside several bug fixes, it includes a set of new interesting features.

  • Service Platform
    • son-install: A simple Service Platform installer based on Ansible.
    • son-sp-infrabstract: Removed Python dependencies in OpenStack wrapper. Now full Java.
    • son-sp-infrabstract: Several experimental functions including multi-oP service deployment and SFC configuration and VNF image pre-deployment and management.
    • son-gui: Ready to support HTTPS.
    • son-gui: Automated addition of new VIMs in SONATA Service Platform.
    • son-gui: CSS enhancements to support (Android) mobile app.
    • son-monitor: Replacement of MySQL with PostgreSQL. Thus, consolidating the SP databases.
    • son-monitor: On Prometheus, extension of the remote reconfiguration mechanism.
    • son-monitor: On Pushgateway, support metric timestamps.
    • son-gkeeper: HTTPS support.
    • son-gkeeper: Replaced dependency on RestClient gem for Curb, a much faster gem.
    • son-mano-framework: Update SSM/FSM Rgistration.
    • son-bss: User management system ready to use the Gatekeeper's User Management module for authorization and authentication.
  • Service Development Kit
    • son-validate: A new tool to validate of syntax, integrity and network topology of descriptors.
    • son-access: A new tool to enable security in communication between SDK and the Service Platform. It allows to request access token based on user credentials, request list of SP Catalogue resources like services, functions, packages, and to read/write workspace configuration parameters.
    • son-package: Integration with son-validate and son-access.
    • son-package: Packaging of individual and arbitrary components, such as service and function descriptors.
    • son-profile: Introduction of Profiling Experiment Description (PED), automated generation of resource-limited son-service-packages.
    • son-monitor: Introduction of Monitor Service Descriptor (MSD), automated monitoring of a service deployed on son-emu with Prometheus and Grafana.
    • son-emu: Major E-LAN and E-LINE networking improvements.
    • son-emu: Xterm auto-start for son-emu-cli.
    • son-emu: REST API extension to monitor service resources.
    • son-emu: Moved to latest Docker client APIs (2.0.2).
    • son-emu: Added a dashboard that visualizes the emulator state (datacenters and running containers).

Release v1.0

The first stable release of the SONATA software has been released on 2016-09-16.

  • Service Platform
    • son-sp-infrabstract: Extension and integration of Networking VIM, able to configure SFC and networking inside NFVi-PoP.
    • son-sp-infrabstract: Service SFC configuration with OpenDaylight SFC agent.
    • son-sp-infrabstract: Integration with WIM Adaptor for WAN configuration.
    • son-gui: Provides monitoring information about all SONATA's VIM Environments.
    • son-gui: Provides real time alerting.
    • son-gui: New monitoring charts.
    • son-monitor: Update to Prometheus v0.17 and Pushgateway v0.2.0.
    • son-monitor: Integrated new monitoring rules.
    • son-gkeeper: New endpoint for updating a service instance.
    • son-gkeeper: Improved API with the Business Support System (BSS).
    • son-gkeeper: Removed support for the generation of a package file.
    • son-gkeeper: Accept and process notifications from the Service Lifecycle Manager.
    • son-mano-framework: New MANO plugin to manage service specific managers (SSM).
    • son-mano-framework: SSM updating (at runtime!).
    • son-mano-framework: NSR management during Service Update chain.
    • son-mano-framework: 'REST API call to monitoring framework' exceptions are caught and handled.
  • Service Development Kit
    • son-package: Improved log messages (more explicit).
    • son-publish: Result in publish failure if a single descriptor fails to upload.
    • son-push: Check returning code of SP Gatekeeper and log appropriate result.
    • son-monitor: Combine all metrics in a monitor descriptor file, describing the metrics that will be exported from the SDK emulator and displayed in a Grafana dashboard.
    • son-monitor: Starts a Prometheus and Grafana docker container to store and display metrics.
    • son-emu: Full integration of son-monitor.
    • son-emu: son-cli now displays more useful outputs and has extended parameters.
    • son-emu: Automatic deployment of service access point (SAP) containers (e.g. for traffic generation).
    • son-emu: Improved network chain management.

Release v0.9

The initial release of the SONATA software has been released on 2016-07-20. The core features are:

  • Service Platform
    • OpenStack VIM abstraction. Integrate OpenStack as Virtual Infrastructure Manager with the SONATA system.
    • Prometheus integration for monitoring of VNFs and Network Services.
    • Support of SONATA packages for VNF and Network Service uploads.
    • Flexible MANO framework and plugin management system.
    • Intelligent descriptor catalogues storage for Package, NS, VNF and SSM/FSM descriptors.
  • Service Development Kit
    • son-emu: Multi-PoP NFV environment emulator based on Mininet, Docker, and Containernet.
    • son-package: Package generator to create SONATA VNF/NS packages.
    • son-push: Package pusher to upload (on-board) packages to the SONATA Service Platform.