Personal Security Appliance (PSA)

A PSA service deployment and operation with user driven service function chain reconfiguration for provision of personalized security and privacy levels.

PSA Pilot Innovations:

  • Dynamic reconfiguration of the active service chain: VNFs which are participating in a service chain can be changed at run-time, depending on the service chain selection. Service chain switch-over times are reduced and down-times are minimized. Changes on the end-user side are not needed. The reconfiguration is therefore transparent to the end-user.
  • Automation of that reconfiguration: The trigger for reconfiguration originates with the end-user; reconfiguration then happens fully automatically, under the control of the SSM/FSM system. The time to service is thereby reduced drastically.
  • User triggered service chain reconfiguration: A limited (and very precisely confined) amount of control is transferred to the end-user, via the use of the self-service portal and the MANO extensibility scheme (SSM/FSM).
  • The provisioning of user-specific service chains: The chain can be selected for each individual user and every user can choose the chain that satisfies its needs the most. Individual users can reconfigure the chain to their taste without affecting other users which might have selected a different service chain.