New project deliverables released!

SONATA has recently released four new deliverables, three of which are already publicly available on the "PROJECT OUTCOMES" section.

  • D3.3. SONATA SDK final release: This report documents the final release of the SONATA SDK. The core philosophy has remained the same: the SDK as a set of loosely coupled, light-weight tools helping the NFV developer in developing Virtual Network Functions (VNFs) and network services composed of VNFs. The developed service target the SONATA Service Platform as developed in Work Package 4 (WP4). Following a DevOps philosophy, the development and deployment process are well-integrated and enable multiple cycles alternating the development (SDK) and operational (SP) environment in a seamless manner.
  • D4.3. Service Platform First Operational Release and Documentation: This deliverable is the last one to be produced in SONATA's WP4, documenting the work done in the Service Platform since D4.2 was published (December, 2016). During this period, we have concentrated our efforts in making the SONATA Service Platform a carrier-grade solution, capable of providing platform owners (not necessarily Telecom Providers) an adequate support for the extremely demanding scenarios of the 5G landscape. Besides new or improved features, we have also introduced adequate configuration mechanisms that allow for a smoother adoption of a SONATA Service Platform into an existing infrastructure.
  • D7.3. Dissemination and Communication Report II : This report summarizes the communication and dissemination activities undertaken under SONATA WP7 during the second year of the SONATA project, from the 1st of July 2016 to the 30th of June 2017.
  • D7.7 Exploitation Reports Vol. 2: Partner Exploitation Plans Update: This deliverable provides the SONATA┬┤s exploitation plan corresponding to the second year of the project. Due to its confidential nature, it is not publicly available.

We hope they contain useful information for you. Please, let us know is you have any comments/doubts.