Multi-Orchestrator and Slicing

Service deployment over a multi-operator, multi-MANO environment supporting slice management features, introducing alternative VIM and WIM.

Multi-Orchestrator and Slicing Pilot Innovations:

  • Showcase the deployment of network service over multi-orchestrator domains (i.e. SONATA SP and 5GEX).
  • Use of common inter-MANO interface: exploiting the SONATA SP rich and flexible API provided by its¬†Gatekeeper and the configurable and extensible southbound interface provided by the¬†Infrastructure Abstraction, and the relevant Service Model.
  • Showcase new VIM and WIM wrappers for VLSP VIM, demonstrating how SONATA can be adapted to an implementation of an NFV Infrastructure with Slicing capabilities.
  • Slicing Manager over multidomain infrastructure comprised of Computing and network resources.
  • 5GEX-to-SONATA demonstration is the 1st demonstrated interaction between two MANO/Service platforms, and also inter-working of two 5G-PPP projects.