SONATA is developing a NFV framework that provides a programming model and development tool chain for virtualized services, fully integrated with a DevOps-enabled service platform and orchestration system. SONATA initial results include:

SONATA's Network Service SDK: Facilitates network service development for third-party developers.

SONATA's Service platform: Thanks to the modular design of its MANO framework offers , the platform offers high customization opportunities for both, Communication Service Providers and Service Developers.

SONATA NFV DevOps Workflow: The SONATA system is designed for agile development and operation of network services. It enables a DevOps workflow between the SDK tools and the service platform, which allows developers and operators to closely collaborate.

Several innovations in the SONATA system stand out among NFV Management and Orchestration (MANO) platforms:

Modular and Customisable MANO Plug-in Architecture:

  • Providing NFV MANO flexibility to network operators with customisable platform functionality and ability to add new features via plug-ins (FSM)
  • Empowering third-party service developers with control over specific orchestration and management functionalities pertaining to their own service (SSM)
  • Supporting both resource and service orchestration. Advanced conflict resolution for resource allocation introduces auction-based mechanism to establish priorities among services

Interoperable and Vendor Agnostic Framework:

  • Multi-VIM, multi-vendor, multi-site support
  • Underlying ETSI-based architecture
  • SDN/NFV integration for better interoperability between NFV MANO layer and SDN controller

Efficient Network Service Development and NFV DevOps:

  • Providing service developers with a SDK for efficient creation, deployment and management of VNF-based network services on the platform
  • Unique NFV DevOps workflow and platform/SDK support bridges collaboration between operators and service developers

5G Slicing and Recursion Support:

  • Slicing support delivers performance isolation and bespoke network configuration for industry verticals foreseen in 5G networks
  • Recursion support allows stacked tenant and wholesale deployments in new software networks business models