D7.5. Market Feasibility Study

The following deliverable provides an extended market analysis for the SONATA project, which serves as its main audience. It is a consolidated milestone based on activity that begun on Day 1 of the project, influencing the first year of development and further prioritizing the direction of its upcoming second year. The related exercises have also influenced the project’s positioning and open source adoption strategy towards stakeholders.

It defines the target market, technology context, ideal adopter profiles and their challenges, supporting stakeholders, comparable alternatives that are currently developing in the market, and areas where the project’s innovation and differentiation can make an impact. At its most specific segment of analysis, it focuses exclusively on NFV’s Management and Orchestration (MANO) area, where SONATA’s service platform and supporting SDK can provide value to network operators.

The NFV MANO field is crowding quickly, and over 20 comparable solutions have been analyzed in the deliverable. As these solutions are not yet benchmarked or validated in production, the collection of sourced vendor whitepapers and marketing was contrasted with broader, vendor agnostic analyst reports, surveys and CSP testimonials, referenced throughout the document.

A survey was also launched by the project, aimed at better understanding stakeholder priorities for NFV MANO features and characteristics.

Conclusions are extensive, and can be found consolidated in the final section of the deliverable, organized per topic area.

The deliverable can be understood as a standalone document, and provides a minimal technical context of NFV, MANO, SDN and future 5G Networks. Further technical design and details can be found in the first year architecture, D2.2 Architecture Design, and lower-level implementation deliverables D3.1 and D4.1 representing initial development.