D7.3. Dissemination and Communication Report II

This report summarizes the communication and dissemination activities undertaken under SONATA WP7 during the second year of the SONATA project, from the 1st of July 2016 to the 30th of June 2017.

The report starts with the presentation of the communication and dissemination plan defined by the consortium at the beginning of this second year. This includes: an analysis of the performance of the project in Y1 in order to identify weaknesses and strengths and introduce the adequate corrective actions in the Y2 plan; a review of the target market and the communication and dissemination goals of the project; a description of the marketing tools and channels to be used in Y2 and the activities planned for each of them; and, finally, the control mechanisms used by the project to ensure the success of the plan.

After the communication and dissemination plan for Y2 is presented, we detail how it has been executed and the main results and achievements of the project during this period.

Then, the comparison of these results with the activities and the KPIs we committed to reach at the beginning of the project, give a clear idea of the success of the defined communication and dissemination plan.

We finish the report with conclusions and next steps for the last six months of the project.