D7.2. Dissemination and Communication Report

This report summarizes the communication and dissemination activities undertaken under SONATA WP7 during the first year of the project, and following the introduction of the Communications & Dissemination Plan, at the face-to-face meeting in Athens in November 2015.

The report provides a brief introduction of the SONATA project, its context, core objectives and main outputs. It then presents the communication & dissemination objectives, and detailed descriptions of the various targeted dissemination stakeholders, as well as the wider and more public communication targets and audiences.

Web & social media hold an important role in the dissemination & communications plan, and the activities around each of these areas are detailed, including usage statistics and other meaningful data for each of our online communication channels. In addition, a SONATA periodic newsletter is planned; the first edition is ready and summarized in this report.

Various supporting materials have been created to provide visual reinforcements to the SONATA agenda as well as to the representatives of the member companies as they promote the project at various venues. These supporting materials include posters and a modular project presentation slide deck.

As a project immured in open source, SONATA holds close ties with both various open source communities such as OpenStack as well as with standards organizations such as ETSI, IRTF, IETF, OASIS, TM Forum. These collaborations and engagements are outlined and explored.

A list of all conference & journal publications and speaking submissions is provided (including those submitted but still under review). In addition, contributions to standards organizations are listed. As per the communications plan, a key element in promoting SONATA is participation in industry events. This is described in detail, including the various activities undertaken at events over the last 12 months, and goes into specific detail around the EUCNC event that took place in Athens at the end of June, at which SONATA was extremely well represented. The report also outlines the industry events planned for the next 6 months.

Finally, we describe our collaboration with the 5G-PPP and the various Working Groups we are involved in, and conclude with the project’s KPI’s.