D5.4. Final release of SONATA platform

This Deliverable documents the progress made in the WP5 of the SONATA project. WP5 focuses on defining processes and methodologies for an agile integration process of the output of the work done in WP3 and WP4. In previous deliverables, we highlighted and illustrated how we embraced a Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) software development life-cycle. In order to satisfy the growing demand for a stable and reliable software framework providing VNF orchestration and to meet the project objectives in terms of impact and adoption, our development pipeline includes a final stage of validation and qualification, meant to assess the reliability and verify the stability of the SONATA software framework. Since this document is the last one delivered by Work Package 5, we focus on this final stage of our CI/CD pipeline, in order to document the results we obtained in terms of stability and reliability using the software management approach we described in previous documents. The document also includes references to the latest release of SONATA software framework, our analysis on the interfaces provided by SONATA for ensuring interoperability with OSS and SLA management system.