D5.3. Integrated and qualified public release of SONATA platforms

This Deliverable documents the progress made in the WP5 of the SONATA project. WP5 focuses on defining processes and methodologies for an agile integration process of the output of the work done in WP3 and WP4. The presented results are relevant to the second open source release of the SONATA environment.

Deliverables D3.2 and D4.2 were submitted to the Commission in December 2016. These documents contain the implementation details of the modules developed for the SONATA SDK and the SONATA SP respectively, including the internal module architecture, APIs definitions, unit and module tests definitions. This Deliverable can be considered as the document accompanying the implementation eort of SONATA version 2.0 open source release, by verifying the proper integration within the qualification environment of the SONATA system. Given the importance of the integration and qualification aspect, this Deliverable also dedicates its two main sections to the detailed documentation of Integration tests, which have been designed and developed
to ensure the expected behaviour of new features and new modules, and Qualification tests, designed as a mean of qualification and validation of the output of the integration phase. All tests are described in terms of the SONATA components involved, the designed interactions, and the specific requirements in terms of the infrastructure as well as the expected results.