D2.1. Use Cases and Requirements

This document describes the use cases envisioned for the SONATA framework and the requirements extracted from them.

The use cases enable to highlight the full reach of SONATA framework on the ICT horizon from the perspective of 5G networks. The use cases facilitate in identifying the business, functional and non-functional requirements of the SONATA framework.

The functional requirements are further classified into Service Programming, SDK, Service Platform and Service Monitoring requirements in perspective of SONATA framework. The requirements specified provide an initial input for designing and developing the initial SONATA architecture.

The document also discusses the state of the art service in terms of platforms designs and operations including service programming models, service programming tools, service platforms and service monitoring, while highlighting their limitations. It also provides an insight in to how SONATA aims to tackle these limitations.

Finally, the document concludes with a set of recommendations for the SONATA architecture.