D1.4. Project Final Report

This report is a publishable summary of work performed by SONATA project during its 30-month lifetime. It includes an overview of the project results, a summary of the exploitation and dissemination activity during the lifetime of the project and the impact generated, as well as the main conclusions.

SONATA was one of the first integrated approaches in the Network Function Virtualization (NFV) landscape that includes all aspects of network services, from service creation, composition, testing, on-boarding and orchestration. SONATA offers a NFV framework that provides both a software development environment with a programing model for network services, and a service platform for the deployment of those services over multiple virtualized points of presence. SONATA also implements an extended DevOps model that increases efficiency and collaboration among vendors and telecom operators, facilitates the launch of new services and accelerates the adoption of NFV technologies.

The painstaking impact strategy defined by the consortium at the beginning of the project has achieved its goal of generating the maximum impact possible with the project results.

The open source nature of SONATA results released under Apache v2.0 license, its successful communication and dissemination plan, its active participation within the 5G PPP community, its collaboration with key open source communities such as OSM, as well as its contribution to standards bodies such as ETSI NFV, ITU-T, IETF and IRTF has made possible SONATA┬┤s influence in the NFV ecosystem. Despite being closed in participation and also limited in time, which made it a challenge, SONATA outcomes sustainability is already guaranteed.