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Deliverable D2.3 Cover

SONATA has just submitted a new deliverable, D2.3 Updated Requirements and Architecture Design.

This document presents the revised and updated overall architecture of the SONATA system as well as new and updated use-cases and requirements. The overall contributions of D2.3 can be summarized as follows:

  • Revision and zooming in the use-cases of SONATA in order to highlight the use-cases that will be most likely be implemented as pilots.ˆ
  • Revision and prioritisation of requirements for the revised use-cases.
  • ˆRevision of the descriptors, packages, and catalogues based on our learnings with respect to the rst prototype in order to strengthen the CI/CD and DevOps approach for NFV.
  • ˆRevision and update of the SDK architecture.
  • ˆIntroduction of novel service validation and proling tools.
  • ˆRevision of the Service Platform architecture.ˆ
  • Introduction of an enhanced Service Platform management.
  • ˆIntroduction of container support for NFV in the Service Platform.ˆ
  • Discussion and revision of the security aspects of the SONATA platform.ˆ
  • Integration of slicing in the SONATA platform.ˆ
  • Elaboration on the relationship between the SONATA architecture and the ETSI reference architecture.

We hope this deliverable is of you interest. Please, don´t hesitate sending are your feedback/ views.