SONATA Spring 2016 developers meeting and hackathon taking place now in Barcelona

This week in Barcelona, from April 19 to 21, partner i2CAT will be hosting the SONATA developer teams in Barcelona for a developers meeting and hackathon.

We're full speed ahead on implementation right now for both the SONATA NFV Service Platform and SDK, and this week will be focused on integrating some of the initial development. SONATA has embraced the CI/CD methodology, but in our initial phase in development we put the priority on getting our first implementation user stories advanced to get the ball rolling.

But right now we have to avoid the waterfall tendencies of 15-partner R&D projects and use this meeting as an opportunity to really dive head first into the CI/CD workflow, carrying our tests through both our integration and qualification infrastructures.

Tapas in Barcelona? Ha! When you're developing an NFV DevOps Service Platform, you've to got to eat your own dog food!

We look forward to reporting back next week with thoughts and lessons learned when we climb back out of this hackathon!